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What is a Cubic Zirconia?

cubic zirconia bracelet

And why in bracelets?

You can find cubic zirconia scientific definitions on the internet, here you will find some of the basic characteristics and how to differentiate the cubic zirconia from a diamond.

Let ‘s start! 

The cubic zirconia can be scratched by a diamond but the diamond will not be scratched by the cubic zirconia, because one has a hardness of 8 and the other one a 10.

When you put a written paper down a cubic zirconia you probably can see the ink, it won’t happen with the diamond. When you try to see through the diamond it is opaque and you can’t see the ink.

Another way to differentiate one from another is putting them into a glass of pure water, the diamond will have its brilliance and sparkles but the cubic zirconia will get transparent.

When you have diamonds, assure yourself that you keep them separated one from another because they can scratch one with the other one.

How to produce cubic zirconia?

There are two ways to produce cubic zirconia, one that stabilizes with calcium and another one with yttrium, the first one is cheaper and more common, and the second one is the expensive one that brings more quality and more commonalities with the diamond.

When to wear these bracelets?

The emotional part of the Cubic Zirconias

The sparkling is awesome, and if you are not an expert or an investor you will be glad to have a cubic zirconia bracelet as those in this category:

When you carry one of these bracelets you feel like a princess, and if you give one as a gift to your wife, mother or daughter they will love this shiny items, because the beauty of a thing it is not the price, it is the colors, the shine, the feeling when you give it to them.

And you can carry one of these bracelets for an event or to go work elegantly, to a dinner or a party. 

People will be amazed at how you look because the bright is awesome.

You will be distinguishing yourself apart from the crowd with this bracelets that will make you feel younger and pretty awesome. 

The pieces are so cute that when my wife carries one of her bracelets, I can’t stop looking to her wrist and eyes 🙂

I love these pieces because they make you feel cute and you will be impressing all people around you.

It is a wise decision to buy one of these quantum scientifically blessed bracelets, not only for the high energy they carry, but because you will feel imponent, shiny and cute.

The cubic zirconia bracelet will make you look like the princess you are to the eyes of the people around you.

My favorite one is this one:

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