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The Saver and the Sage

Select your bracelet

You are privileged

It is funny what happened today.

You would be given two possibilities.

The first, buy only high priced jewelry, or the chosen one:

Be able to choose whatever feels best for you at better prices.

You have the last one. 

Your catalog has been updated with 182 new bracelets that I consider that will make you feel awesome, with better prices in it.

And I have a story for you that is real.

Some years ago, a person who wanted to save money approached a Sage.

The saver asked him:

  • Sage, I have money but I spend it as fast as I receive it. What should I do to save part of what I earn?
  • Dear friend (Say the Sage) You must know where the energy is when you buy.
  • What do you mean? (comment the saver) 
  • I mean that you must know what energy you are creating when you give money away for merchandise.
  • Are you suggesting that I must know the person who receives the money?
  • At least confirm that the business you are “investing” your energy in is an honorable business my friend. 

That is why, when you invest your energy well earned to shine gorgeous with your Omkanha Bond to God Quantum Bracelet, you make the best decision with your money.

By the way, the risk is on me. I mean you have a 60 days warranty and the shipping is free, if you don’t like your bracelet, I am so sure that it will not happen, that I will refund all your money and the return is free also if so happen. 

The meaning associated with the bracelet is that you can wear your bond with God.

That you can feel like a princess or a king with your bond. 

Sparkling all around.

Feeling bliss and happiness, that will transform this feeling in freedom, you will be wise if you buy your favorite one.

When you invest in yourself and in an Omkanha Bond to God Quantum Bracelet you will be subscribed if you choose so to a newsletter with offers, blessings, and posts that will remember to you that God is in You.

That you are God, like a wave in the ocean is the ocean.

You will be reminded frequently of this idea, this reality. 

PSALM 46-10: “Be still and know that I am God” 

God loves you so perfectly that he really wants to be remembered and loved by you always too.

This is why this business was born. 

You are a privileged human being. You can wear these bracelets.

You are here reading this, you are in the first 5000 people who have read this blog.

The perfect wave is coming.

Are you going to ride it?

It is your energy, choose wisely.

Here is a link to the shop, scroll, choose, and get yours soon.

The inventory is going out of stock fast.

Be the first in your environment and Love with your soul every one of your days.


AbiPraShanti Sri Brahman-Das

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