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Why the bracelets are blessed? 😇 😊

Who am I?

A Bhakta is a person who deeply Loves God, and is His devotee.

I consider myself as a Sanctuary of Love to God.

My mission in earth was to find God, and through His blessings carry his love ❤️  to the world with the blessed bracelets.

Between all the bracelets, my favorites are the golden ones.

Why to choose Gold Bracelets?

Those with are made from GOLD are vibrating at the same frequency than LOVE.

This frequency is 528 Hz. You can measure it scientifically. 

At the same time the blessings are real and scientifically made exclusively for you, because God Knows more than us and He want you that are reading this were blessed all the time.

And the most important thing, you are being blessed right now, always ONLY with Bliss and total Freedom, and it is all the energy the bracelets carry.

The most interesting thing is that when you wear a bracelet, you are remembering always your union with God. 😇 And this is remarcable.

Here you can find the gold bracelets section

Gold Bracelet

Vibrating at 528 Hz of pure Love. 

The Gold bracelets are affordable:

The prices are so low because I want you to have an affordable one without x3 the price or similar things. 

My main interest is that your blessing be with you at your hand always.

So you will be inviting God to your life at every moment independently of what your religion could be. 

I am happy to have the opportunity to give you the possibility of choosing between more than 623 bracelets, so this way you can find one that fits perfectly for you.

And if you choose the gold bracelet, you will have 2 scientifically ways to improve your life.

You will attract that what you are vibrating by the law of attraction. Use it in your favour.

Those are examples of the Gold bracelets inside the section:

I think that you will probably like them…