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Quantum Omkanha Bracelet equals bond to God

tennis rhodium bracelet

Quantum Omkanha Bracelet equals bond to God

It is not about bracelets any more, it is about your bond to God.

I am not an expert copywriter, nor a literature student.

I am writing only because I have a Dream.

In Meditation God talked to me and gave me instruction to create an alliance that bonds You with Him.

This is why I didn’t focus on selling high priced items, but beautiful ones that can give joy to you.

My main mission in this life is to get people remembering God all time possible.

That is why I sell Scientifically Blessed Omkanha Quantum Bonds to God Bracelets.

This alliance is eternal.

When you wear a Bond with God Bracelet, that has been blessed Scientifically and without Religion, but only through the direct contact with God, you get an eternal bond.

This will change the Bible of Nature, and the history of our souls, because now I wear God in my Hand too. 

So I will have Him in my heart and in my wrist now too.

Benefits of the Quantum Bond To God Bracelets

The overall benefits are huge, when you think about God, God thinks about you.

So you can expect miracles happening in your life.

If you have the faith of a mustard seed… All is possible for You and God.

Just because you are part of God.

You have the essence of God in You.

You are very important for Him, and He only wants your love.

God’s Love is a perfect love, so expect so many blessings to start flowing in your life.

Just for reading this you are in my prayers always, and I am a normal person, just like you.

The unique characteristic that differentiate myself from others is that I want you to be one of my best friends.

I want to not only give you a great service, but also great bracelets with high frequency energy to improve your life.

And it is scientifically proven that it works, you will have more energy on your side, just by reading these posts.

Because you are a God’s Son or Daughter you have all that you need right now.

Just understand that where you focus your energy it expands.

So if Our Heavenly Father is important for us He will love to know it and be loved all day long.

Chief aim of the bracelets

Our unique aim in this life is to find God and stay with Him for eternity.

If we do not do it during this life we must be reborn again just to do it.

The bracelets remind you of your aim.

You must find your Guide. I love to follow my Sat Guru, Pramahansa Yogananda. 

And I deeply love him, because he is always talking about God, so I am doing the same.

I am dedicating my life to God through this company Omkanha Bond to God Quantum Bracelets.

And I am doing this to expand Love for God, knowing that He will bless through these bracelets the lives of all that wear them. 

And he will do so for eternity in this case because it is my burning desire and he loves me to do it.

While I am reading this I am seeing the first bracelet that was sold in the store.

It is this one:

It is so beautiful that it makes my wife look like a princess, shining the God’s Love with the Lab Diamonds in all the space.

This bracelet has Lab Diamonds that can stay with you for an entire lifetime, sparkling the rainbow colors in the intent to remind you That God Loves You.

It is a gorgeous bracelet. 

It distinguishes her as an elegant woman. 

But don’t take my word for granted, get yours and let me know how it feels.

You will be happy to wear this high energy talisman.

I greet you until my next post.

You can register in the form to receive the posts, new offers, and blessings. 

But do it principally if you want to have another God reminder in your email inbox.

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A story that will change the world

This words were the best thing in one month for my friend.

If you apply it, it can change your world just as it was the best thing that happened to my friend in a whole month, so I can almost assure you that something similar can happen to you.

The relatively simple story is about being happy for no reason, but it goes a little further.

I recently spoke with a friend of mine, who works for a company where the owner passed away.

It was an unexpected death and came as a surprise to everyone.

The fact is that the atmosphere in the company was a little stale, a little decayed.

They had lost the lighthouse but the company was still profitable.

In the end, the owner’s wife took the lead, leaning on his right hand.

For my friend it was all a bit dark and dull, because they had been friends for so long.

In addition, this person was afraid to charge in advance and always had the same problem.

And my words full of positivism were his greatest blessing, actually it was the best thing that happened to him in a whole month, in his own words.

What do these words consist of and why do I know they can change the world?

Because just as it was a blessing to my friend, it can be a blessing to you as well.

And the beauty of it all is that you can always wear this souvenir on your wrist as well as the blessing implicit in each bracelet or bracelet.


You may be wondering what I told him, well the first thing to take away his fear of charging in advance, I told him that was what 99% of companies do, you pay first and you take the merchandise or they serve it to you.

I made him see that it was a fear he had and that it was manifesting itself in his life because he was carrying it inside, he was attracting to his life what he thought about the most.

The important thing comes after this, the first thing I made him realize is that it is not a problem to charge in advance, on the contrary it is something totally natural and normal, something you will agree with me.

But the core of the conversation, what it was focused on, was something else.

I told him that I have the deep knowledge and know with certainty that we are all immortal, eternal, children of God, and worthy of his love when we are aware that he lives with us.

And everyone of us have a site with Him in the end, and if not it is not the end.

For God to be with you you simply have to be aware of this very thing, that He is with you.

Live with him as you would live with your child, with your partner, with your father, with your best friend, inviting him to your walks, your excursions, to cook, to read, work, to everything in your life really.


…It is to stop thinking about problems and instead think about God, to leave things to Him.

To realize that you are His child and that you deserve His love, that He will be with you whenever you want, and to be foolishly happy for no reason at all, and at the same time with the greatest of all reasons, to live with Him.


Today in the morning after my meditation and yoga, things happened to me that put me in a very bad mood, but very bad mood, I was really angry, and that can happen to anyone, the thing is how long your anger lasts.

As always I was determined to resolve the situation and for that I put on an audio of one of the two people I share when you register in this form:

My problem was solved in a matter of 3 minutes, in a matter of seconds I had changed my mood and therefore my focus of attraction.

Specifically, in this person’s audio I heard that you can be happy without any reason, that you don’t need a reason to be happy….

And it reminded me that it is your emotions and thoughts together that attract more circumstances into your life like what you are feeling.

In other words, if you feel angry and let this situation drag on for a whole day, you will bring another day of anger that will cause you to be angry even longer.

However, if you are able to eradicate the anger and focus on the positive things like leaving the problem to God, and begin to be grateful, everything changes.

And back to my friend...

The most important thing he learned that day was that when you think about the past it repeats itself, by the law of attraction.

Whereas if you focus on the objectives and goals you want to achieve, building a future that you can remember, and that you take for granted, you relax, and let it happen.

Maybe I’m just writing out of the feeling that my words have been the best thing in someone’s life for a whole month and I just want to share it….

But you may also need to hear this, don’t get tied to the past, live each present moment, enjoying the air, each blessing, and you will attract more of them.

The most important thing is that when you release energy, leaving the problems to God, at the moment when you are thinking about them, that is to say, you stop thinking about your problems…

You can devote more energy to creating your future, and not a known future, of agenda, no no, but rather to achieve your goals and your dreams.

At that moment that you want so much, you are already living in your ideal, perfect home.

Live driving your dream car now, live with the perfect relationship you desire.

What is the worst thing that can happen to you if you put this test?

Realize one thing, Olympic athletes know, when you can practice it in your mind, you can carry it out in reality.

And this universe is mental, everything happens when we think about it or trough seeds planted in the subconscious mind.

Just let go, relax, feel that you already have all your prayers granted, live as if all your prayers have already been granted.

Walk, dress, think, talk, feel, feel, look: as the person you want to be and you will unfailingly become that person.

Knowing this theory will not change your life at all, it is when you put it into action that everything changes.

When you are thinking about a problem and you stop suddenly, you leave it to God, you don’t give energy to the problem.

It is when you are thinking that you have already achieved what you want, with the same certainty that you know that you are breathing right now.

It’s like taking energy out of a black bucket and putting energy into a colorful bucket, so you subtract from the past and the problems and the predictable future, and add to your positive emotions, your well-being, and the pleasure that comes from knowing that you are living in your fulfilled goals.

Wouldn't it be great to have a bracelet to remember all this?

Apart from the blessing that is quantum and scientifically implicit in every bracelet in this store, you can also anchor these memories to the bracelet, to serve as a beacon for you.

Why should I keep this information to myself when it can do so much good?

Do you know how many people want to get rid of their black cloud? It took me 3 minutes today.

And yes! you can be happy for no reason at all.

Because it is the thoughts you carry inside you that create your emotions.

And your thoughts are energy, energetic, and your emotions are magnetic, so do the math yourself, if you feel good….

God loves you and wants you to be happy, abundant and fulfilled, whole.


Of course you can, give yourself time, if you’ve been digging a hole for years, it will usually take you a while to get out of the hole.

In the book The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, he talks about how to become a multimillionaire, and after having read this book several times, I can summarize it in one word:


Imagine you choose to arrive at a distant destination, and halfway there you say we have not arrived, and you turn back. 

And the next month you decide to go to an even more distant destination, and halfway through you give up and you turn back.

You can spend your whole life like this or have the firmness of an immovable desire, set your mind to it and make every effort to finish what you start.

Don’t give up on something worthwhile for you, be stronger than your goal, grab it by the breastplate and tell it: “you are mine, you are already mine”, before it happens and feel yourself in the place you want to get to, more and more intensely, every day, every minute, every time you have time.

And when any thought bothers you so simply think, God you are omnipotent, you know everything, I am your son, I love you, I leave these thoughts with you because I can no longer solve it alone without you.

And the rest of the time feel where you want to be and be conscientious, you will get there.

And today I am here to tell you that I trust you, that I know you can achieve anything you set your mind to, anything at all, and remember the following:


Omkanha bracelet

A baby takes 9 months to make, you can’t make a baby with 9 women in a month, it has to be one woman, 1 baby and 9 months.

What I mean is that every desire has its time to be produced, just trust in God, trust in you.

My friend appreciated these words very much, if in any way they have been able to help you let me know, let me know, my personal email is Al*****@om*****.com.

I look forward to hearing from you both in the comments and in my personal email.

If I’m doing this it’s because it bothers me that people don’t have information and especially the people I care about the most, so thank you very much for reading this far.

I have the firm conviction that this can help you and all your environment, between all of us we can change the world for the better.

Long live peace and love.


If you want to have all the posts in your email I cancel sign up in the following form.

See you soon 🙂

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Blessing for pregnant women

Today I ask God to take care of every pregnant woman on the planet.

Blessing for every pregnant woman:

Today I am writing this post from my future daughter’s room.

She’s going to call Allisone, as a nod to Oneness.

Play Video

Now her mother is six and a half months pregnant and every day I pray for her.

For you who are going to be a mother, I ask God to take care of you.

You are like the safe box  of the most precious treasure for people, and God, a life.

Dreams are fulfilled, new moments arrive and new stories to tell begin.

It’s time to fight for what you want, for love in life that matters.

Today I ask God to take care of every pregnant woman on the planet.

So that the pregnancy and the baby will be a success. And you can give life to a healthy being.

Today from my contact with God, I ask Him to bless each soul to be a joy in the house.

Your baby will come strong and healthy enough to be happy forever.

Today the energy of 1000 blessings more than one per day come to you to give you the strength you need.

Women are stronger than men, they are closer to God. Because they are who create life with our seed.

In my prayers I ask that every woman be treated with respect, by everyone around her.

Both the woman and the child respond very well to the caring. 🥰  

So a daily dose of affection is necessary.

We will watch our children grow up as we say goodbye to this life.

Let’s be their example so they can stand up for themselves.


Let’s leave them a legacy of love, an example of perseverance and the best possible values, so that they themselves can be like you.

Money comes and goes but time does not recover use it wisely with your babe.

They come into our lives as miracles and that is what they are, teachers sent by the divine.

You have come into my life and you have come to stay, with a permanent and unconditional love.

I ask God to keep you, And to give us strength until the end to take care of you.

I will protect you with my life, I will love you until the end, an end that does not exist, because my love for you, my daughter, will remain eternally.

I want so much to see your newborn face, to know that all is well, to grow up with you.

I want so much to show you the whole of creation, to introduce you to God whom you know better than I do because you carry him within you from the beginning.

To tell you that you can, And that everything is going to be okay.

To tell you that you are not only beautiful but also sacred, and that in your life you deserve relationships that treat you well.

This is a blessing for you who are pregnant, for perfect health and a quick and natural childbirth.

Today I ask God to bless you to fill the process with love, that he may find us loving one another and that we may be a clear example of that love for God.

Today bless all your ancestors and all your descendants, put the love with which you have been created. I bless them with prayers of eternal love and protection.

For you pregnant women who want to remember this moment forever of when you two were one, my best non-interesting recommendation is to have something on your wrist that will always remind you of this process and this blessing.

This can be a bracelet that we have and that apart from being bracelets that that apart from being bracelets that remember you in these moments carry a blessing and an energy of protection, both for you and for the life within you.

Today I want to bless your life with every memory of love that you have lived, every hug, every smile, every look of complicity, every pleasant conversation, every walk together.

Today I ask God to bless you with the strength he has given you that makes you a great mother.

Today I thank God because you are the first sacred cradle of our little life, of our baby.

But most of all I want to thank you, because no matter how you are, you will always be the best mother in the world for your baby on the way.

Be patient and put God in every gesture, and he will bless you for having He present at every moment.

God bless you dear friend creator of life, God bless you both with long life.

If you want to take from here today the energy so that all your dreams come true, and all your goals, so that you have happiness, joy and freedom…

You can choose to take a souvenir of this day, a day that you have been blessed and will continue to be blessed every day.

If you want, you can of course choose from the following categories:

How to have everything and remember it with a bracelet?

If you ask God to be with you every moment of every day, your baby will have everything he or she needs in life.

If you want to give him a great life and be happy always, teach him that he or she will never be alone, that he or she will always  will count on God.

If by chance you get discouraged one day, think that an infinite, unconditional love is on the way to you.

Just be grateful for everything you want to happen to you before it happens and make it happen.

When you are grateful for something and are happy to get it, you are attracting it to you.

The little person who’s coming will be your number one fan, and he will act as if you were everything to him.

You have to start taking care of yourself, AND give yourself the care you deserve. Because then your baby will imitate you and take care of herself too.

The best advice I can give you is to start from scratch, to erase your past and focus on the present, enjoying every second, the little things, the small details.

And you will see as time goes by that god was in every little thing for you, waiting for you, and giving you that love.

So if you want to remember all this, and carry on your wrist all these blessings you can take a souvenir of this store.

I bid you farewell with love wishing you good months and good years ahead enjoying the present.