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A story that will change the world

This words were the best thing in one month for my friend.

If you apply it, it can change your world just as it was the best thing that happened to my friend in a whole month, so I can almost assure you that something similar can happen to you.

The relatively simple story is about being happy for no reason, but it goes a little further.

I recently spoke with a friend of mine, who works for a company where the owner passed away.

It was an unexpected death and came as a surprise to everyone.

The fact is that the atmosphere in the company was a little stale, a little decayed.

They had lost the lighthouse but the company was still profitable.

In the end, the owner’s wife took the lead, leaning on his right hand.

For my friend it was all a bit dark and dull, because they had been friends for so long.

In addition, this person was afraid to charge in advance and always had the same problem.

And my words full of positivism were his greatest blessing, actually it was the best thing that happened to him in a whole month, in his own words.

What do these words consist of and why do I know they can change the world?

Because just as it was a blessing to my friend, it can be a blessing to you as well.

And the beauty of it all is that you can always wear this souvenir on your wrist as well as the blessing implicit in each bracelet or bracelet.


You may be wondering what I told him, well the first thing to take away his fear of charging in advance, I told him that was what 99% of companies do, you pay first and you take the merchandise or they serve it to you.

I made him see that it was a fear he had and that it was manifesting itself in his life because he was carrying it inside, he was attracting to his life what he thought about the most.

The important thing comes after this, the first thing I made him realize is that it is not a problem to charge in advance, on the contrary it is something totally natural and normal, something you will agree with me.

But the core of the conversation, what it was focused on, was something else.

I told him that I have the deep knowledge and know with certainty that we are all immortal, eternal, children of God, and worthy of his love when we are aware that he lives with us.

And everyone of us have a site with Him in the end, and if not it is not the end.

For God to be with you you simply have to be aware of this very thing, that He is with you.

Live with him as you would live with your child, with your partner, with your father, with your best friend, inviting him to your walks, your excursions, to cook, to read, work, to everything in your life really.


…It is to stop thinking about problems and instead think about God, to leave things to Him.

To realize that you are His child and that you deserve His love, that He will be with you whenever you want, and to be foolishly happy for no reason at all, and at the same time with the greatest of all reasons, to live with Him.


Today in the morning after my meditation and yoga, things happened to me that put me in a very bad mood, but very bad mood, I was really angry, and that can happen to anyone, the thing is how long your anger lasts.

As always I was determined to resolve the situation and for that I put on an audio of one of the two people I share when you register in this form:

My problem was solved in a matter of 3 minutes, in a matter of seconds I had changed my mood and therefore my focus of attraction.

Specifically, in this person’s audio I heard that you can be happy without any reason, that you don’t need a reason to be happy….

And it reminded me that it is your emotions and thoughts together that attract more circumstances into your life like what you are feeling.

In other words, if you feel angry and let this situation drag on for a whole day, you will bring another day of anger that will cause you to be angry even longer.

However, if you are able to eradicate the anger and focus on the positive things like leaving the problem to God, and begin to be grateful, everything changes.

And back to my friend...

The most important thing he learned that day was that when you think about the past it repeats itself, by the law of attraction.

Whereas if you focus on the objectives and goals you want to achieve, building a future that you can remember, and that you take for granted, you relax, and let it happen.

Maybe I’m just writing out of the feeling that my words have been the best thing in someone’s life for a whole month and I just want to share it….

But you may also need to hear this, don’t get tied to the past, live each present moment, enjoying the air, each blessing, and you will attract more of them.

The most important thing is that when you release energy, leaving the problems to God, at the moment when you are thinking about them, that is to say, you stop thinking about your problems…

You can devote more energy to creating your future, and not a known future, of agenda, no no, but rather to achieve your goals and your dreams.

At that moment that you want so much, you are already living in your ideal, perfect home.

Live driving your dream car now, live with the perfect relationship you desire.

What is the worst thing that can happen to you if you put this test?

Realize one thing, Olympic athletes know, when you can practice it in your mind, you can carry it out in reality.

And this universe is mental, everything happens when we think about it or trough seeds planted in the subconscious mind.

Just let go, relax, feel that you already have all your prayers granted, live as if all your prayers have already been granted.

Walk, dress, think, talk, feel, feel, look: as the person you want to be and you will unfailingly become that person.

Knowing this theory will not change your life at all, it is when you put it into action that everything changes.

When you are thinking about a problem and you stop suddenly, you leave it to God, you don’t give energy to the problem.

It is when you are thinking that you have already achieved what you want, with the same certainty that you know that you are breathing right now.

It’s like taking energy out of a black bucket and putting energy into a colorful bucket, so you subtract from the past and the problems and the predictable future, and add to your positive emotions, your well-being, and the pleasure that comes from knowing that you are living in your fulfilled goals.

Wouldn't it be great to have a bracelet to remember all this?

Apart from the blessing that is quantum and scientifically implicit in every bracelet in this store, you can also anchor these memories to the bracelet, to serve as a beacon for you.

Why should I keep this information to myself when it can do so much good?

Do you know how many people want to get rid of their black cloud? It took me 3 minutes today.

And yes! you can be happy for no reason at all.

Because it is the thoughts you carry inside you that create your emotions.

And your thoughts are energy, energetic, and your emotions are magnetic, so do the math yourself, if you feel good….

God loves you and wants you to be happy, abundant and fulfilled, whole.


Of course you can, give yourself time, if you’ve been digging a hole for years, it will usually take you a while to get out of the hole.

In the book The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, he talks about how to become a multimillionaire, and after having read this book several times, I can summarize it in one word:


Imagine you choose to arrive at a distant destination, and halfway there you say we have not arrived, and you turn back. 

And the next month you decide to go to an even more distant destination, and halfway through you give up and you turn back.

You can spend your whole life like this or have the firmness of an immovable desire, set your mind to it and make every effort to finish what you start.

Don’t give up on something worthwhile for you, be stronger than your goal, grab it by the breastplate and tell it: “you are mine, you are already mine”, before it happens and feel yourself in the place you want to get to, more and more intensely, every day, every minute, every time you have time.

And when any thought bothers you so simply think, God you are omnipotent, you know everything, I am your son, I love you, I leave these thoughts with you because I can no longer solve it alone without you.

And the rest of the time feel where you want to be and be conscientious, you will get there.

And today I am here to tell you that I trust you, that I know you can achieve anything you set your mind to, anything at all, and remember the following:


Omkanha bracelet

A baby takes 9 months to make, you can’t make a baby with 9 women in a month, it has to be one woman, 1 baby and 9 months.

What I mean is that every desire has its time to be produced, just trust in God, trust in you.

My friend appreciated these words very much, if in any way they have been able to help you let me know, let me know, my personal email is Al*****@om*****.com.

I look forward to hearing from you both in the comments and in my personal email.

If I’m doing this it’s because it bothers me that people don’t have information and especially the people I care about the most, so thank you very much for reading this far.

I have the firm conviction that this can help you and all your environment, between all of us we can change the world for the better.

Long live peace and love.


If you want to have all the posts in your email I cancel sign up in the following form.

See you soon 🙂

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Totally scientific, spiritually and quantum

If it were religion it would divide us but it is pure science, so it bonds, like love.

It is the science of spirituality, and quantum mechanics.

There have been cases of people in India who have done things out of the normal thanks to this science.

For example, there has been a saint who had his arm cut off, mistaking him with a criminal, and he picked up the arm from the ground and put it back on and it was as good as new with no signs of a cut or anything.

It is documented in books.

In another case a saint who dies and after being given his body to the flames appears to three of his disciples at the same time in different places with a transfigured body. 

And all this is reality is science, it is based on the study of the spirit, of the soul, and of the human being himself.

On another occasion there was a circumstance in which one of the Saints was attacked by Satan and as he was wearing a bracelet that protected him, given to him by his Guru, the Guru interposed himself and saved him from the attack.

When such a bracelet like this one carries a blessing, it also means protection for the wearer.

Quantum bracelets

That’s on a spiritual level but on a quantum physical level there is also much to break down.

As we saw in this post: “Science behind the blessed bracelets” there are things that escape our human vision.

But the energy that is created can remain as matter or as energy, in different quantum magnetic,  or energetic fields.

Considering that thoughts are energetic and emotions are magnetic, if we put both together in a blessing we get a matter full of magnetized energy to attract good things to you.

It is the law of quantum physics, that everything that exists will always exist.


quantum bracelets that are blessed

And that thoughts are things that attract similar things not only thoughts but goals and even objects in the material realm.

So if we have attached to a bracelet an energetic and magnetic blessing, by the scientific law that recollects these terms we will be attracting things that bless us, to our life.

Think for a moment… what blessing you may be waiting for?, what blessing is waiting for someone in your family or a friend?, are you going to make them wait more for it?, are you going to wait more for it?, are you going to make them wait more for it?

Now you have within your reach what in Neurolinguistic Programming can be called anchor, which is to tie to an object or to a point of your body, like your wrist, a sensation to revive every time you remember to see it.

And every time you see the bracelet you are telling all your cells in your body that these blessings will come to you and it will. It is the law.

Do you like this one? Leave me your comments 😉 please.

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Blessing for pregnant women

Today I ask God to take care of every pregnant woman on the planet.

Blessing for every pregnant woman:

Today I am writing this post from my future daughter’s room.

She’s going to call Allisone, as a nod to Oneness.

Play Video

Now her mother is six and a half months pregnant and every day I pray for her.

For you who are going to be a mother, I ask God to take care of you.

You are like the safe box  of the most precious treasure for people, and God, a life.

Dreams are fulfilled, new moments arrive and new stories to tell begin.

It’s time to fight for what you want, for love in life that matters.

Today I ask God to take care of every pregnant woman on the planet.

So that the pregnancy and the baby will be a success. And you can give life to a healthy being.

Today from my contact with God, I ask Him to bless each soul to be a joy in the house.

Your baby will come strong and healthy enough to be happy forever.

Today the energy of 1000 blessings more than one per day come to you to give you the strength you need.

Women are stronger than men, they are closer to God. Because they are who create life with our seed.

In my prayers I ask that every woman be treated with respect, by everyone around her.

Both the woman and the child respond very well to the caring. 🥰  

So a daily dose of affection is necessary.

We will watch our children grow up as we say goodbye to this life.

Let’s be their example so they can stand up for themselves.


Let’s leave them a legacy of love, an example of perseverance and the best possible values, so that they themselves can be like you.

Money comes and goes but time does not recover use it wisely with your babe.

They come into our lives as miracles and that is what they are, teachers sent by the divine.

You have come into my life and you have come to stay, with a permanent and unconditional love.

I ask God to keep you, And to give us strength until the end to take care of you.

I will protect you with my life, I will love you until the end, an end that does not exist, because my love for you, my daughter, will remain eternally.

I want so much to see your newborn face, to know that all is well, to grow up with you.

I want so much to show you the whole of creation, to introduce you to God whom you know better than I do because you carry him within you from the beginning.

To tell you that you can, And that everything is going to be okay.

To tell you that you are not only beautiful but also sacred, and that in your life you deserve relationships that treat you well.

This is a blessing for you who are pregnant, for perfect health and a quick and natural childbirth.

Today I ask God to bless you to fill the process with love, that he may find us loving one another and that we may be a clear example of that love for God.

Today bless all your ancestors and all your descendants, put the love with which you have been created. I bless them with prayers of eternal love and protection.

For you pregnant women who want to remember this moment forever of when you two were one, my best non-interesting recommendation is to have something on your wrist that will always remind you of this process and this blessing.

This can be a bracelet that we have and that apart from being bracelets that that apart from being bracelets that remember you in these moments carry a blessing and an energy of protection, both for you and for the life within you.

Today I want to bless your life with every memory of love that you have lived, every hug, every smile, every look of complicity, every pleasant conversation, every walk together.

Today I ask God to bless you with the strength he has given you that makes you a great mother.

Today I thank God because you are the first sacred cradle of our little life, of our baby.

But most of all I want to thank you, because no matter how you are, you will always be the best mother in the world for your baby on the way.

Be patient and put God in every gesture, and he will bless you for having He present at every moment.

God bless you dear friend creator of life, God bless you both with long life.

If you want to take from here today the energy so that all your dreams come true, and all your goals, so that you have happiness, joy and freedom…

You can choose to take a souvenir of this day, a day that you have been blessed and will continue to be blessed every day.

If you want, you can of course choose from the following categories:

How to have everything and remember it with a bracelet?

If you ask God to be with you every moment of every day, your baby will have everything he or she needs in life.

If you want to give him a great life and be happy always, teach him that he or she will never be alone, that he or she will always  will count on God.

If by chance you get discouraged one day, think that an infinite, unconditional love is on the way to you.

Just be grateful for everything you want to happen to you before it happens and make it happen.

When you are grateful for something and are happy to get it, you are attracting it to you.

The little person who’s coming will be your number one fan, and he will act as if you were everything to him.

You have to start taking care of yourself, AND give yourself the care you deserve. Because then your baby will imitate you and take care of herself too.

The best advice I can give you is to start from scratch, to erase your past and focus on the present, enjoying every second, the little things, the small details.

And you will see as time goes by that god was in every little thing for you, waiting for you, and giving you that love.

So if you want to remember all this, and carry on your wrist all these blessings you can take a souvenir of this store.

I bid you farewell with love wishing you good months and good years ahead enjoying the present.

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Explanation of the blessings in the bracelets 🍀😇❤️✨🛍


Today I gather all the Angels of the Universe to make you fulfill your desires as they contribute to improve your life and make you find yourself closer to God.

The power of meditation and Scientific Prayer is second to none, as you come into direct contact with God.

If you sign up in the form below, you will get in your email two names of two people, who with their trainings you can change your life.

This change would always be positive for you, your environment and the world.

And all these blessings you can remember at a glance, when you are frying an egg, or having a cup of coffee.

How? With a bracelet like this one:

If this particular bracelet is not one of your favorites you can also browse through the categories below:


All this training and blessings that I am sharing throughout the days have a common goal.

The ultimate goal is that you have something in your life that reminds you of God at all times.

If we get this, and you can think about Him every moment, your life will improve exponentially.

And that’s what this blog is for.

 if you didn’t like the previous bracelet, you might like this one with a heart.

If you like any of them, you can always buy one or more on this page, when you click on it and follow the purchase process.

I have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to pay by card, cryptocurrency, or with your own mobile phone.

Today I want to tell you that just by reading this, the energy in these words is going to do something for you.

And here’s what’s next, something good to happen to you in the next few days.

Be attentive to the coincidences that arise and above all be grateful.

And you think I can’t be grateful if I haven’t received anything yet.

The best news is that you don’t need anything to be thankful for, you can be thankful before something good happens to you.

You can be thankful for thousands of things we are used to.

Have you ever thought when you wake up to be thankful for a new day, for the air you breathe, for having water to drink, for having breakfast or lunch or dinner? 

You can be thankful for your relationships, as soon as you do this your relationships will improve. For a child’s smile.

So be thankful for the money you have, whether it is little or much when you are thankful it will multiply will come from unexpected sources.

You can be thankful for so many things… before them occur.

You can be thankful for the time you spend with your family, or that you have a job, or just the blessing of today that the angels are with you at all times.

You can be thankful because a flood of miracles are going to start happening in your life just by following this blog.

For as Tesla said as well as Einstein, everything is energy. If you want to understand the universe just understand energy.

And these bracelets are charged with positive energy.

When you wear them, something changes in you, a different source of energy begins, positive, heavenly.

You will have in your aura a condensed energy of many prayers for many days for things to go well for you.

Above all so that you have absolute happiness and total freedom to do what you want.

When you sign up in the form below, you will get an automatic welcome message with some insider information.

When you sign up look in all your email folders as sometimes it doesn’t make it to your inbox.

The communications you receive from the moment you register can be so that you have news of the publications that I’m doing and you don’t miss any.

 or it can be news about new products on the site.

Mark our email address as VIP, please.

Today I have asked all the angels of the universe to give you protection and to support you in your decisions.

You will find a guide on your path that will make you prosper and have good feelings and sensations on a daily basis.

Angels are real even though we cannot see them.


Did you know that of all the reality that exists we can only see in a specific vibrational range?

Imagine we can only see between red and violet, I leave this link so you can see the image.

What we can see is the minority of what happens in the quantum field.

Image link: here

Another thing we are not used to seeing is the work it takes to make, for example, a gold bracelet.

You can search for any video on the internet about it if it is no longer available: 

This video shows how to make a gold bracelet.

Or a jewel… See the following link:


A curiosity, something that was known in ancient Egypt.

Gold vibrates at 528 Hz, which means that it is vibrating at the same frequency as love.

This fact is known by the elites of the planet, and some Olympic athletes.

This means that when you wear gold you carry with you the vibration of love.

And we both know, by the law of attraction what you emit is what you receive.

So if you see love, you are grateful for everything that has not yet happened to you and what happens to you.

You allow these blessings to come to you and you are open to receive gifts.

For all this alone expect the best, for that is what you will receive.

In an audio by Earl Ningthingale, called “the strangest secret in the world”, he talks about how you become what you think about most of the time.

In this audio he explains it all very well and you can also find it on Youtube.


Masaru Emoto, for example, has studied how thoughts can transform matter.

In his book and video messages of water has photographs of water after receiving certain thoughts here I leave the link:

In case the video is no longer available in this link you can search for “Messages of water” Masaru Emoto.


Just like thoughts, vibrations, angels, and colors, blessings are also present in the quantum field.

This is precisely what I am trying to demonstrate with this post and the data provided in it.


Apart from the fact that God is omnipresent and that He already has everything, since everything is His, He is only looking for one thing.

And that which God seeks is love, which is why a gold bracelet that vibrates at 528 Hz and is blessed to have God present in your life at all times with full happiness and absolute freedom?

What do you think I can do in your life?

After seeing and analyzing all this data, it should be clearer to you that a blessing, which you constantly carry with you as a talisman on your wrist, can be a great promoter of change in your life.


These gold bracelets are not just an ornament to look better…

In reality they are an ally that you carry with you to get everything you want.

And whether it’s health or abundance, it all boils down to complete happiness and absolute freedom.

When you are aware that thoughts and prayers change matter, something happens in your life?

You become part of that elite you know how to live life.

This is because if you know the two people I want to introduce you to in the following form:

You follow trainings and also you are thankful for what is coming to you and you think more about the future than the past?

I can only tell you one thing, if you expect blessings, blessings will come.

And if you think about the past, your future will be exactly the same as your past.

The good news is that you can change things with thought.

Both on a vibrational level and in pure reality.

Both in the material visible world and in what you cannot see.

When you are grateful for the sensations of having already received, what do you think the universe does when you thank it for something?

What does a child or your partner do when you thank him or her for one thing?

They gives you more of that right?

You can choose to be in a universe that supports you in everything and loves you, or the opposite.

In both cases your theory will be the reality in your life, whether you believe it supports you or not in both cases you are right.

If you can only keep one thing from this post, keep the following:

You don’t have to have a reason to be happy, if you are happy you will attract more things to make you happy.

If you want to have one bracelet linked to you energetically, both in hertz and in blessed thoughts, prayers and good wishes for you, you can choose any of the following ones from all the categories.

I say goodbye until soon, wishing you God’s blessings.

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Eternal Blessings

Eternal Blessings

Eternal Blessing

In today’s meditation from the omnipresence I have spoken to God to ask Him what blessing would be most important for each of you to receive.

Upon receiving this question you have answered me that an eternal blessing in which I can bless each of the souls who are reading this would be most appropriate.

So today’s blessing, which is the first and will be posted at the top for each person who can read it and who enters here, will be one of the most important blessings you can receive on this page.


So today God blesses you so that your eternal soul can live in this present life already with Him, that you invite Him to each of your acts, actions and events in your life so that you can begin to share a romance in which the blessings will be daily received by you.

He already knows that for you He is important and therefore declares today that your union with him will be unavoidable, that whatever happens you’ll be with Him sooner than expected in this life.

That your longings to find God will be answered in this life through small miracles that you will be encountering in the coming weeks and months.  Expect good things to happen to you, for that is the way it will be from now on.

Go to bed each night being thankful for the miracles of the next day and wake up expecting to receive those miracles you were thankful for the night before in a state of absolute gratitude.

God will hear your words in his Great Spirit and cause you to meet Him, that the blessing in your life may be everlasting.

As the eternal beings that we are today, God will bring the peace to your life you are always looking for through granting you one of the wishes this week that you have always been thinking about.

Each day arise not only with hope but with faith that through this omnipresent blessing you will find unexpected blessings coming your way that will make your life exponentially better.

As of today and from the beginning of your existence in eternity this blessing has taken place as it is, an eternal blessing and has been with you forever.

In the infinity of the universe you have always been a favorite thought in the mind of God and that is why we exist, because we are children of God.

Today I am only the messenger of a blessing that God has for you and that has always been with you and always will be, today he wants you to invite Him into your life, He is not waiting for you in the hereafter, he is waiting for you in the day to day and also in the hereafter.

You want to realize that He is always present in your life, that you don’t have to wait for anything to meet Him, but that through the feeling of love, joy, faith, hope, brotherhood, He presents Himself to you every day, to transform Himself into that feeling and thus become part of your life.

Today he wants you to realize that you are part of Him as omnipresent as He is in Oneness, that you carry within you his seed and that he will always be with you in all the moments, in the good and in the not so good.

Just remind him that as your father, he is your best friend and you can tell him whatever you want, that you will never be alone and that through this blessing you know that you have the assurance that He is part of your life and that you don’t have to look any further, that you have arrived.

Whatever happens you will know that you are a blessed person from the omnipresence, from the full knowledge that God loves you above all and He want to be with you now.

At the moment you begin to live this reality, this theater of life, knowing that You are chosen as the main actor in it, and now He enters in the scene as your best friend who has always been with you and now blesses you to be with him at all times and miracles can occur in your life, health, abundance, absolute happiness, freedom and great love.

Today celebrate this invitation in which God asks you to be your best friend, in which you know that you are an eternal being receiving all the love you are able to harbor in this life most importantly in all that come, for eternity celebrating blessing after blessing from today.


Why eternal blessing through bracelets?

Today I have decided to start this cycle of blessings of life that you can no longer wait, you must know that He is not in death only, He is also in life and He loves you.

After having studied some branches of psychology such as neurolinguistic programming (NLP), I have come to the conclusion through the study of thousands of cases that when you anchor an emotion to a feeling, see blessing, to a part of your body through a gesture that you do not usually do or an object that you carry, for example a blessed bracelet, one of those in the store, what you do is remember through this gesture or this bracelet is these blessings and all that are to come and will come in these days for you especially.

As I said in the previous post that I am determined and eager to bless each of the lives on this planet and I do it every day, now I just need people to accept the blessings and that they can receive them in the best way.

And what better way to receive a blessing than through a loved one, an important person in your life, or a person who simply remembered you when they read this.

I am going to share this with everyone I know so that each of you will be blessed today.

If each person reading this shared it with 7 people and those 7 people did the same, we could bless the whole world in a few days, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

The decision is in your hand, think about who deserves to be blessed today, to whom you want to give eternal blessings, not just by buying a bracelet, but simply by reading that God wants to be present in every action of your life.

Would this be a favor that God could ask of you?

I will not go further for my own interest but for the interest of improving each of the lives that I touch and that can read this, because this is just the beginning of a series of blessings that you can remember is not just wearing one of the bracelets in the store that are all blessed by God directly, I do not ask you to buy, but only with a gesture of your hand you can remember that you are a blessed person.  A gesture that you don’t usually do and that every time you do it you remember how important you are to God.

God is just looking for your love, just by seeing a leaf on a tree and dedicate it to Him saying look my Lord I have seen this leaf and I thought of you I want to enjoy its beauty with you, you are doing something that will leave an eternal mark in God because He only wants your love.

This is going to be a way of life, a choice that I have chosen to continue to give reason to my existence, it is not just me who is the messenger of this, my words are guided at all times by the omnipresence of my spirit in which I play, and meditate to be better and to find what today most souls need on this planet, God’s Love.

Wouldn’t it be great to find peace, happiness and freedom in this life?

This is what can be obtained through the blessings that i will be offering on this page, on this blog. I will do them as often as I can, so that when someone reads this they can improve their life in some of the aspects that matter most to them at that moment.

The bracelets will only be there to be a reminder of these blessings of how they make you feel and the purposes and goals you want fulfilled in your life.

Imagine having a bracelet that reminds you that you are blessed to accomplish the goal that matters most to you in life, that today is the one you choose.

The bracelet you choose to remember this blessing, I have chosen them with the highest quality possible, will take you every time you see it to feel like you have felt when you know that God wants you to invite him to every moment in your life. He wants you to be present today, that he will not appear miraculously when this life is over, but that he is already here with you now, that you can talk to him, that he answers if you know how to listen.

Today I want this blessing of God’s presence with you to become eternal in you, to be aware that I was born to bring you blessings from the beginning of your existence until eternity and that this blessing will last for centuries in your eternal soul so that you may find God in every act and you may always be happy.

There are many people who deserve to be blessed in this way, let’s share this blessing, send them the peace they deserve and that they can read this post with joy knowing that from your person they are also always blessed.

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Eager to Bless You 😇❤️🍀

Gold Bracelets, Tennis Bracelets, and Olive Bracelets 😉

I know that it works, it is scientifically proved.

If I can’t bless you, I won’t eat more olives any more. 

I like olives although it has nothing to do with the theme in question, just another way to say I want to bless you.

This bracelets are made with the high quality.


The gold ones are polished and the best quality for its function. Let me explain why the 14K Gold selection…

14 K in gold is not synonymous of low quality but all the contrary, to wear and be more hard, to make it practically impossible to broke, the gold is blended with other harder metals as titanium to improve its quality.

For example, a 18 K gold bracelet could brake with a hit or several hits, but it is more difficult with 14k gold bracelets.

Like these ones: 

The Tennis Bracelets

These are high quality bracelets also.

The stones are firmly secure to the bracelet and you have low possibilities to loose one stone.

When you choose in the menu: “Tennis bracelets” you will find a trick on how to clean them to be as shiny as heavenly possible.

People who bought these bracelets and have the same type but with diamond stones are highly surprised about the light of these lab diamonds or zircon bracelets.

Because these ones have more light and sine more outside and with good illumination inside buildings.

This is the trick to clean them:

For amazing sparkle use a disposable mascara wand and Jo Malone hand soap and gently scrub the CZ/diamonds. And then to keep costume jewelry from tarnishing, spray it with a polyurethane clear coat.

These are examples of tennis bracelets you can find blessed for you in the store:


About ALL the Bracelets

I am sharing this 30 second video in social media to let you know that I want to bless you.

Don’t you mind to let me know with a comment what do you think about this video and maybe the store?

Heartfelt thanks for letting me know your thoughts.

By the way, if you register in the form below, you will receive anyway blessings like heaven and a coupon code for free shipping.

So you can do it and keep in touch here:

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Why the bracelets are blessed? 😇 😊

Who am I?

A Bhakta is a person who deeply Loves God, and is His devotee.

I consider myself as a Sanctuary of Love to God.

My mission in earth was to find God, and through His blessings carry his love ❤️  to the world with the blessed bracelets.

Between all the bracelets, my favorites are the golden ones.

Why to choose Gold Bracelets?

Those with are made from GOLD are vibrating at the same frequency than LOVE.

This frequency is 528 Hz. You can measure it scientifically. 

At the same time the blessings are real and scientifically made exclusively for you, because God Knows more than us and He want you that are reading this were blessed all the time.

And the most important thing, you are being blessed right now, always ONLY with Bliss and total Freedom, and it is all the energy the bracelets carry.

The most interesting thing is that when you wear a bracelet, you are remembering always your union with God. 😇 And this is remarcable.

Here you can find the gold bracelets section

Gold Bracelet

Vibrating at 528 Hz of pure Love. 

The Gold bracelets are affordable:

The prices are so low because I want you to have an affordable one without x3 the price or similar things. 

My main interest is that your blessing be with you at your hand always.

So you will be inviting God to your life at every moment independently of what your religion could be. 

I am happy to have the opportunity to give you the possibility of choosing between more than 623 bracelets, so this way you can find one that fits perfectly for you.

And if you choose the gold bracelet, you will have 2 scientifically ways to improve your life.

You will attract that what you are vibrating by the law of attraction. Use it in your favour.

Those are examples of the Gold bracelets inside the section:

I think that you will probably like them…