Charm Bracelets


But these series of charm bracelets are the image of good luck also in history and in our culture.

You will have two type of blessings, the historical one in each piece, and the Bless from AbiPraShanti that is the Christian Bhakti Yogi who is in contact with the Source all the time.

Transform yourself in a talisman for you and your loved ones.

You can dress one or more together of these charm bracelets. Choose any of them and you will be right.

All the bracelets in this store are lucky bracelets because they are blessed directly by God (Scientifically) and in this section you will find the classic lucky bracelets with symbols such as yin yang, hearts, eyes and clovers.


However, you can affirm that the entire catalog will bring good luck to your life because it carries the frequency of a blessing for you to find absolute happiness and freedom, nothing more and nothing less.

The luck that your bracelets carry with them is something scientifically proven because due to the daily contact with God I have the possibility to distribute the blessings in the unique way that I know how to do it besides my daily prayer.

These bracelets will be a contribution of good luck to your life in a way that you do not expect, just ask God for a sample the day you receive it that this is true and you will get a big surprise, guaranteed, look at the small details, God knows you very well, ask Him if this is true what you read and try it.

A surprise that will be a small blessing in your life that will lead to bigger blessings every day.


The history of all types of lucky bracelets goes back many years and the perseverance required to find a four-leaf clover among all the 3-leaf clovers for example.

Here you will find bracelets with hearts that will bring luck in love, you will find bracelets with yin and yang that will bring luck to balance your life and other types of bracelets with other charms, you will make the bracelets your favorite talisman as it will always remind you of God who is the ruler of the whole world.


When you wear your lucky bracelet you will have reasons to be happy and confident in yourself because you will know that everything throughout the day will act in your favor, since luck will be by your side at all times, not only when you wear it but always because you are its owner.

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