For Women

Bracelets made for Women

95% of the bracelets in OmKanha store are made for women, and the rest 5% for men.

In this section you will find the bigger part of our catalogue, where you can find the gorgeous bracelets jewels you can imagine right now.

Use the other categories if you want to be more precise and use this one for a global view of the store.

These bracelets made for women are going to feel you sweet, happy, and blessed, because all are affordable and pretties.

I hope you can find one or more that you like and get the bless that I ask God for you to have.


Buy more than one is a good decision because you will feel the blessings in more sites.

The best number to buy is 8, eight pieces of this catalog will bring you presents every day of the week and will make you remember that you are blessed all day long.

So make this jewels part of your daily blessed life from now to the infinite. You are a daughter of God.

When you choose a blessed women bracelet from OmKanha store, AbiPraShanti is behind all the energy of the blessings projected towards you and the bracelets, for you to have bliss and freedom.

Nothing strange, I only want to expand God’s LOVE and the best way is to let you buy one or more of the blessed jewels for your wellness that is what I want more.

Take a look specifically to all the Gold pieces because them are turned in 528 HZ so they vibrate at the frequency of pure Love, as it is known by ancients elites for long time ago.

This is my favorite section and all the pieces in the catalog could be put in this section, it just depends on the moment and the type of event we want to attend.


Here we will find bracelets for day to day that can be combined with each other to wear three, four or even five at the most, not to wear the entire catalog as we have said in other sections but they can be combined and you can get excellent visual results by wearing two or three together with each other.


It has taken us some time to select the best bracelets with the best designs for today’s women

We have everything from classic floral designs, chain bracelets, and various other selections such as pearl bracelets or good luck bracelets.

It should be noted that my favorites among women’s bracelets are tennis and gold bracelets as both have very interesting chemical compositions, frequencies or materials.


A combination of both tennis and gold, can show a very elegant look today and will favor in any situation to which it is worn from day to day at work to any important event.

Furthermore wearing them together the gold with the tennis, being the vibration of 528 Hz which is the vibration of love, and diamonds although they are laboratory will be a striking, dazzling and wonderful combination.

If you want to look good in any situation you can use any bracelet you like, whether it is a pearl bracelet with a gold bracelet or a lucky bracelet with a shell bracelet, it depends on the formal or informal style you want to represent at any given moment.

Every bracelet has its moment as long as you like a bracelet you can wear it in any occasion .

You will look comfortable with it and it will give you an extra confidence bringing elegance to the style or the clothes you wear that day. 

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