How would you feel when you know that thank you one person is remembering God with a gold bracelet constantly? 

Colostrum is Gold!!


We sell gold bracelets, so when I heard this phrase 2 weeks ago when my wife gave birth to Allisone, my newborn daughter, this got my attention.


Why should someone say that the first drops of milk from the breasts of a mother (colostrum)  is gold? 


Not like gold, but gold.


The main reason is because gold is the support of the dollars, and money makes you free. 


We can say that money gives you a better life, as colostrum does for babies.


Inside the first drops of the mother’s milk are all the vitamins, fats, and nutrients that a new life needs to survive the first days of life.


What has gold to be like that?


Ok, let’s analyze the reasons.


You can trade gold for money any day of the week, and its value has increased multiple times from some years ago to now.


I am going to give you a tip for selling your gold better than in a buy and sell gold store… 


Do it from a jewelry store, when you try to sell your gold to them, they can afford to give you the exact market price of the gold at that date.


They exchange gold at the market price with the fabrics of gold, they can do you this favor.


More if you know the jeweler. 


So, returning to the value of things…


What happens when a newborn baby comes to live? He or she needs aliment.


What happens when a person buys a gold bracelet? He or she will have ailments.


Sure you understand what I mean, practically it is like having money on your wrist, but not any type of money…


It is an asset, because it is not like a car that its value goes down after the purchase when it’s on the road. 


The gold INCREASES its value when you buy it because it is the money support.


The prime coin in the world is the dollar and the dollar is sustained by Gold.

That is why gold will always be increasing its value.


When you buy a gold bracelet you are making a clever investment, don’t you?


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Let me ask you a question please…


How would you feel when you know that thank you one person is remembering God with a gold bracelet constantly? 


See you soon, Love.


AbiPraShanti Sri Brahman-Das