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Totally scientific, spiritually and quantum

If it were religion it would divide us but it is pure science, so it bonds, like love.

It is the science of spirituality, and quantum mechanics.

There have been cases of people in India who have done things out of the normal thanks to this science.

For example, there has been a saint who had his arm cut off, mistaking him with a criminal, and he picked up the arm from the ground and put it back on and it was as good as new with no signs of a cut or anything.

It is documented in books.

In another case a saint who dies and after being given his body to the flames appears to three of his disciples at the same time in different places with a transfigured body. 

And all this is reality is science, it is based on the study of the spirit, of the soul, and of the human being himself.

On another occasion there was a circumstance in which one of the Saints was attacked by Satan and as he was wearing a bracelet that protected him, given to him by his Guru, the Guru interposed himself and saved him from the attack.

When such a bracelet like this one carries a blessing, it also means protection for the wearer.

Quantum bracelets

That’s on a spiritual level but on a quantum physical level there is also much to break down.

As we saw in this post: “Science behind the blessed bracelets” there are things that escape our human vision.

But the energy that is created can remain as matter or as energy, in different quantum magnetic,  or energetic fields.

Considering that thoughts are energetic and emotions are magnetic, if we put both together in a blessing we get a matter full of magnetized energy to attract good things to you.

It is the law of quantum physics, that everything that exists will always exist.


quantum bracelets that are blessed

And that thoughts are things that attract similar things not only thoughts but goals and even objects in the material realm.

So if we have attached to a bracelet an energetic and magnetic blessing, by the scientific law that recollects these terms we will be attracting things that bless us, to our life.

Think for a moment… what blessing you may be waiting for?, what blessing is waiting for someone in your family or a friend?, are you going to make them wait more for it?, are you going to wait more for it?, are you going to make them wait more for it?

Now you have within your reach what in Neurolinguistic Programming can be called anchor, which is to tie to an object or to a point of your body, like your wrist, a sensation to revive every time you remember to see it.

And every time you see the bracelet you are telling all your cells in your body that these blessings will come to you and it will. It is the law.

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