61 Solid Gold Blessed Bracelets

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All Solid Pure 14K Gold

Made with the best type of Gold in Jewelry for bracelets. Resistant and Strong.

Made in US

High quality gold bracelets made in the United States of America.

Environment Friendly

This Gold Bracelets are done by the most eco-friendly techniques in the market.

All are Golden Bonds to God Scientifically Blessed Bracelets Choose Yours

All solid Gold because it vibrates at 528Hz, The Love Frequency.

When you buy one of the Omkanha Scientifically Blessed Bracelets, you carry in your aura the frequency of Love. And a special God’s Love, because you will be blessed in several ways.

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Hear From Blessed Clients

They choose to be Blessed and have more value in their gold purchases.


"I Love to buy Omkanha 14K Gold bracelets because they are Gorgeous and an intelligent investment."



"I Prefer Omkanha Bracelets through others because wear them makes me feel blessed at all times. So I am.



"I was looking for a bracelet that matches my style. I was able to choose between the higher energy ones in the internet"

Diane Griffiths

header omkanha gold bracelets with 3 charm bracelets

All Blessed By a Christian Bhackta Yogi

Everywhere you go you will be God Conscious with your bond to God Alliance.

528Hz The Frequency of Love

Get this energy in your body field, you get enormous benefits. Ancient elites knew it, now you Know it.

High Energy implicit for the power of the Blessings

You will have the energy of 8 types of yoga that bonds you to God at your wrist.

Nice investment

Just see the graphic of the prices of gold through the years:

Which one of the 61 Golden Bracelets do you prefer?

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