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Eternal Blessings

Eternal Blessings

Eternal Blessing

In today’s meditation from the omnipresence I have spoken to God to ask Him what blessing would be most important for each of you to receive.

Upon receiving this question you have answered me that an eternal blessing in which I can bless each of the souls who are reading this would be most appropriate.

So today’s blessing, which is the first and will be posted at the top for each person who can read it and who enters here, will be one of the most important blessings you can receive on this page.


So today God blesses you so that your eternal soul can live in this present life already with Him, that you invite Him to each of your acts, actions and events in your life so that you can begin to share a romance in which the blessings will be daily received by you.

He already knows that for you He is important and therefore declares today that your union with him will be unavoidable, that whatever happens you’ll be with Him sooner than expected in this life.

That your longings to find God will be answered in this life through small miracles that you will be encountering in the coming weeks and months.  Expect good things to happen to you, for that is the way it will be from now on.

Go to bed each night being thankful for the miracles of the next day and wake up expecting to receive those miracles you were thankful for the night before in a state of absolute gratitude.

God will hear your words in his Great Spirit and cause you to meet Him, that the blessing in your life may be everlasting.

As the eternal beings that we are today, God will bring the peace to your life you are always looking for through granting you one of the wishes this week that you have always been thinking about.

Each day arise not only with hope but with faith that through this omnipresent blessing you will find unexpected blessings coming your way that will make your life exponentially better.

As of today and from the beginning of your existence in eternity this blessing has taken place as it is, an eternal blessing and has been with you forever.

In the infinity of the universe you have always been a favorite thought in the mind of God and that is why we exist, because we are children of God.

Today I am only the messenger of a blessing that God has for you and that has always been with you and always will be, today he wants you to invite Him into your life, He is not waiting for you in the hereafter, he is waiting for you in the day to day and also in the hereafter.

You want to realize that He is always present in your life, that you don’t have to wait for anything to meet Him, but that through the feeling of love, joy, faith, hope, brotherhood, He presents Himself to you every day, to transform Himself into that feeling and thus become part of your life.

Today he wants you to realize that you are part of Him as omnipresent as He is in Oneness, that you carry within you his seed and that he will always be with you in all the moments, in the good and in the not so good.

Just remind him that as your father, he is your best friend and you can tell him whatever you want, that you will never be alone and that through this blessing you know that you have the assurance that He is part of your life and that you don’t have to look any further, that you have arrived.

Whatever happens you will know that you are a blessed person from the omnipresence, from the full knowledge that God loves you above all and He want to be with you now.

At the moment you begin to live this reality, this theater of life, knowing that You are chosen as the main actor in it, and now He enters in the scene as your best friend who has always been with you and now blesses you to be with him at all times and miracles can occur in your life, health, abundance, absolute happiness, freedom and great love.

Today celebrate this invitation in which God asks you to be your best friend, in which you know that you are an eternal being receiving all the love you are able to harbor in this life most importantly in all that come, for eternity celebrating blessing after blessing from today.


Why eternal blessing through bracelets?

Today I have decided to start this cycle of blessings of life that you can no longer wait, you must know that He is not in death only, He is also in life and He loves you.

After having studied some branches of psychology such as neurolinguistic programming (NLP), I have come to the conclusion through the study of thousands of cases that when you anchor an emotion to a feeling, see blessing, to a part of your body through a gesture that you do not usually do or an object that you carry, for example a blessed bracelet, one of those in the store, what you do is remember through this gesture or this bracelet is these blessings and all that are to come and will come in these days for you especially.

As I said in the previous post that I am determined and eager to bless each of the lives on this planet and I do it every day, now I just need people to accept the blessings and that they can receive them in the best way.

And what better way to receive a blessing than through a loved one, an important person in your life, or a person who simply remembered you when they read this.

I am going to share this with everyone I know so that each of you will be blessed today.

If each person reading this shared it with 7 people and those 7 people did the same, we could bless the whole world in a few days, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

The decision is in your hand, think about who deserves to be blessed today, to whom you want to give eternal blessings, not just by buying a bracelet, but simply by reading that God wants to be present in every action of your life.

Would this be a favor that God could ask of you?

I will not go further for my own interest but for the interest of improving each of the lives that I touch and that can read this, because this is just the beginning of a series of blessings that you can remember is not just wearing one of the bracelets in the store that are all blessed by God directly, I do not ask you to buy, but only with a gesture of your hand you can remember that you are a blessed person.  A gesture that you don’t usually do and that every time you do it you remember how important you are to God.

God is just looking for your love, just by seeing a leaf on a tree and dedicate it to Him saying look my Lord I have seen this leaf and I thought of you I want to enjoy its beauty with you, you are doing something that will leave an eternal mark in God because He only wants your love.

This is going to be a way of life, a choice that I have chosen to continue to give reason to my existence, it is not just me who is the messenger of this, my words are guided at all times by the omnipresence of my spirit in which I play, and meditate to be better and to find what today most souls need on this planet, God’s Love.

Wouldn’t it be great to find peace, happiness and freedom in this life?

This is what can be obtained through the blessings that i will be offering on this page, on this blog. I will do them as often as I can, so that when someone reads this they can improve their life in some of the aspects that matter most to them at that moment.

The bracelets will only be there to be a reminder of these blessings of how they make you feel and the purposes and goals you want fulfilled in your life.

Imagine having a bracelet that reminds you that you are blessed to accomplish the goal that matters most to you in life, that today is the one you choose.

The bracelet you choose to remember this blessing, I have chosen them with the highest quality possible, will take you every time you see it to feel like you have felt when you know that God wants you to invite him to every moment in your life. He wants you to be present today, that he will not appear miraculously when this life is over, but that he is already here with you now, that you can talk to him, that he answers if you know how to listen.

Today I want this blessing of God’s presence with you to become eternal in you, to be aware that I was born to bring you blessings from the beginning of your existence until eternity and that this blessing will last for centuries in your eternal soul so that you may find God in every act and you may always be happy.

There are many people who deserve to be blessed in this way, let’s share this blessing, send them the peace they deserve and that they can read this post with joy knowing that from your person they are also always blessed.

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