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Eager to Bless You 😇❤️🍀

Gold Bracelets, Tennis Bracelets, and Olive Bracelets 😉

I know that it works, it is scientifically proved.

If I can’t bless you, I won’t eat more olives any more. 

I like olives although it has nothing to do with the theme in question, just another way to say I want to bless you.

This bracelets are made with the high quality.


The gold ones are polished and the best quality for its function. Let me explain why the 14K Gold selection…

14 K in gold is not synonymous of low quality but all the contrary, to wear and be more hard, to make it practically impossible to broke, the gold is blended with other harder metals as titanium to improve its quality.

For example, a 18 K gold bracelet could brake with a hit or several hits, but it is more difficult with 14k gold bracelets.

Like these ones: 

The Tennis Bracelets

These are high quality bracelets also.

The stones are firmly secure to the bracelet and you have low possibilities to loose one stone.

When you choose in the menu: “Tennis bracelets” you will find a trick on how to clean them to be as shiny as heavenly possible.

People who bought these bracelets and have the same type but with diamond stones are highly surprised about the light of these lab diamonds or zircon bracelets.

Because these ones have more light and sine more outside and with good illumination inside buildings.

This is the trick to clean them:

For amazing sparkle use a disposable mascara wand and Jo Malone hand soap and gently scrub the CZ/diamonds. And then to keep costume jewelry from tarnishing, spray it with a polyurethane clear coat.

These are examples of tennis bracelets you can find blessed for you in the store:


About ALL the Bracelets

I am sharing this 30 second video in social media to let you know that I want to bless you.

Don’t you mind to let me know with a comment what do you think about this video and maybe the store?

Heartfelt thanks for letting me know your thoughts.

By the way, if you register in the form below, you will receive anyway blessings like heaven and a coupon code for free shipping.

So you can do it and keep in touch here:

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