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What is a Scientific Prayer?

infinity bracelet blessed by omkanha

And a blessing in a bracelet?

Today you are going to know how it is possible for a bracelet to carry a blessing for you.

There are several ways to do that. But we are going to see the scientific part of this.

There was a person at principle of 1900 called Pramahansa Yogananda, who taught people to know God through the ancient wisdom of the deepest India.

You know that India is known for its spiritual power and teachings, they have a Scientific way to reach God to be listened to and attended to.

From India come a lot of Saints of the world. 

Pramahansa Yogananda was One of them.

I can explain it also with the latest news in quantum physics. 

Your Thoughts become things, they are like magnets. You are creating well by default or by knowledge of what you want.

How long remains the blessing?

When a thought is thought in the ether it exists forever.

It is a creating force that changes reality and it is registered in the Nature Bible in time.

When you project with faith and gratitude a thought to some object or water, the molecule structure of the thing changes completely to become another type of material, in our case a blessed one.

The blessings are REAL, they emanate from the bracelets to you because they are programmed for eternity to make you happy and free.

No more, no les. Bliss and Freedom. It is all.

So you can change matters, of course you can!

And getting back to India and Pramhansa Yogananda…

There is also a scientific way to be listened to by God.

And I ask Him daily for blessings for you.

I really want to change your life for the better.

I know that when you carry the bracelet you are protected from bad things.

And when you think that a bad thing it’s happening to you, its only the shade of God’s hand that is going to care for you.


You are the most important part in this equation.

You are the hero of this history.

And I want you to carry the talisman that will bond you to God as an alliance with Him.

A personal one.

An alliance for eternity.

A bond that can make you feel as if all your prayers have been granted to you.

I will be sending powerful emails to get you to the point where you want to be.

This is not typical jewelry.

It is a Sacred Jewelry in the spiritual meaning of the word because you are being blessed now. Yes, now.

I think about you daily.

To provide you with the best bracelets in the world, because:

1-They are gorgeous


2-They bond you to God

It is not religion, you don’t need the approval of anyone in the world to be blessed.

And it is really GOOD to know that God is in You daily with the power of a Soul taking care of you.

Like a Guardian.

It could be called Guardian Bracelets also, and they are blessed thinking in improving your life.

God is the unique one that can make miracles, and He does it through us, His Sons and Daughters.

Your Unique Bracelet.

There are several types of bracelets here.

You can find Cubic Zirconia bracelets that Shine like the Sun here.

You can distinguish the Cubic Zirconia from Diamonds as I explain here.

Or you can decide that the Gold Bracelet is the best because it is vibrating at 528HZ, the frequency of Love.

And you can find the Gold section above.

Also the yellow color do so, it is vibrating at 528HZ, you can read it here:

More about God in a Spiritual way and His Blessings in the bracelets

You will be receiving tips to improve your life and to get your aims faster. Try this for a month an let me know what happened: 

Write your dreams in a paper every morning, during the day and at night, and I want to see you in one month from now if you do it diligently. 

You will be amazed with the results. 

This is how God let us know that we are part of Him.

Because we are also creators.

Enjoy life. Be bliss for others, shine.


AbiPraShanti Sri Brahman-Das

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Why the bracelets are blessed? 😇 😊

Who am I?

A Bhakta is a person who deeply Loves God, and is His devotee.

I consider myself as a Sanctuary of Love to God.

My mission in earth was to find God, and through His blessings carry his love ❤️  to the world with the blessed bracelets.

Between all the bracelets, my favorites are the golden ones.

Why to choose Gold Bracelets?

Those with are made from GOLD are vibrating at the same frequency than LOVE.

This frequency is 528 Hz. You can measure it scientifically. 

At the same time the blessings are real and scientifically made exclusively for you, because God Knows more than us and He want you that are reading this were blessed all the time.

And the most important thing, you are being blessed right now, always ONLY with Bliss and total Freedom, and it is all the energy the bracelets carry.

The most interesting thing is that when you wear a bracelet, you are remembering always your union with God. 😇 And this is remarcable.

Here you can find the gold bracelets section

Gold Bracelet

Vibrating at 528 Hz of pure Love. 

The Gold bracelets are affordable:

The prices are so low because I want you to have an affordable one without x3 the price or similar things. 

My main interest is that your blessing be with you at your hand always.

So you will be inviting God to your life at every moment independently of what your religion could be. 

I am happy to have the opportunity to give you the possibility of choosing between more than 623 bracelets, so this way you can find one that fits perfectly for you.

And if you choose the gold bracelet, you will have 2 scientifically ways to improve your life.

You will attract that what you are vibrating by the law of attraction. Use it in your favour.

Those are examples of the Gold bracelets inside the section:

I think that you will probably like them…