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Blessing for pregnant women

Today I ask God to take care of every pregnant woman on the planet.

Blessing for every pregnant woman:

Today I am writing this post from my future daughter’s room.

She’s going to call Allisone, as a nod to Oneness.

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Now her mother is six and a half months pregnant and every day I pray for her.

For you who are going to be a mother, I ask God to take care of you.

You are like the safe box  of the most precious treasure for people, and God, a life.

Dreams are fulfilled, new moments arrive and new stories to tell begin.

It’s time to fight for what you want, for love in life that matters.

Today I ask God to take care of every pregnant woman on the planet.

So that the pregnancy and the baby will be a success. And you can give life to a healthy being.

Today from my contact with God, I ask Him to bless each soul to be a joy in the house.

Your baby will come strong and healthy enough to be happy forever.

Today the energy of 1000 blessings more than one per day come to you to give you the strength you need.

Women are stronger than men, they are closer to God. Because they are who create life with our seed.

In my prayers I ask that every woman be treated with respect, by everyone around her.

Both the woman and the child respond very well to the caring. 🥰  

So a daily dose of affection is necessary.

We will watch our children grow up as we say goodbye to this life.

Let’s be their example so they can stand up for themselves.


Let’s leave them a legacy of love, an example of perseverance and the best possible values, so that they themselves can be like you.

Money comes and goes but time does not recover use it wisely with your babe.

They come into our lives as miracles and that is what they are, teachers sent by the divine.

You have come into my life and you have come to stay, with a permanent and unconditional love.

I ask God to keep you, And to give us strength until the end to take care of you.

I will protect you with my life, I will love you until the end, an end that does not exist, because my love for you, my daughter, will remain eternally.

I want so much to see your newborn face, to know that all is well, to grow up with you.

I want so much to show you the whole of creation, to introduce you to God whom you know better than I do because you carry him within you from the beginning.

To tell you that you can, And that everything is going to be okay.

To tell you that you are not only beautiful but also sacred, and that in your life you deserve relationships that treat you well.

This is a blessing for you who are pregnant, for perfect health and a quick and natural childbirth.

Today I ask God to bless you to fill the process with love, that he may find us loving one another and that we may be a clear example of that love for God.

Today bless all your ancestors and all your descendants, put the love with which you have been created. I bless them with prayers of eternal love and protection.

For you pregnant women who want to remember this moment forever of when you two were one, my best non-interesting recommendation is to have something on your wrist that will always remind you of this process and this blessing.

This can be a bracelet that we have and that apart from being bracelets that that apart from being bracelets that remember you in these moments carry a blessing and an energy of protection, both for you and for the life within you.

Today I want to bless your life with every memory of love that you have lived, every hug, every smile, every look of complicity, every pleasant conversation, every walk together.

Today I ask God to bless you with the strength he has given you that makes you a great mother.

Today I thank God because you are the first sacred cradle of our little life, of our baby.

But most of all I want to thank you, because no matter how you are, you will always be the best mother in the world for your baby on the way.

Be patient and put God in every gesture, and he will bless you for having He present at every moment.

God bless you dear friend creator of life, God bless you both with long life.

If you want to take from here today the energy so that all your dreams come true, and all your goals, so that you have happiness, joy and freedom…

You can choose to take a souvenir of this day, a day that you have been blessed and will continue to be blessed every day.

If you want, you can of course choose from the following categories:

How to have everything and remember it with a bracelet?

If you ask God to be with you every moment of every day, your baby will have everything he or she needs in life.

If you want to give him a great life and be happy always, teach him that he or she will never be alone, that he or she will always  will count on God.

If by chance you get discouraged one day, think that an infinite, unconditional love is on the way to you.

Just be grateful for everything you want to happen to you before it happens and make it happen.

When you are grateful for something and are happy to get it, you are attracting it to you.

The little person who’s coming will be your number one fan, and he will act as if you were everything to him.

You have to start taking care of yourself, AND give yourself the care you deserve. Because then your baby will imitate you and take care of herself too.

The best advice I can give you is to start from scratch, to erase your past and focus on the present, enjoying every second, the little things, the small details.

And you will see as time goes by that god was in every little thing for you, waiting for you, and giving you that love.

So if you want to remember all this, and carry on your wrist all these blessings you can take a souvenir of this store.

I bid you farewell with love wishing you good months and good years ahead enjoying the present.

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