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Colostrum is Gold!!

We sell gold bracelets, so when I heard this phrase 2 weeks ago when my wife gave birth to Allisone, my newborn daughter, this got my attention.

She is Allisone, from All is One 😉 and me, her father.


Why should someone say that the first drops of milk from the breasts of a mother (colostrum)  is gold? 

Not like gold, but gold.

The main reason is because gold is the support of the dollars, and money makes you free. 

We can say that money gives you a better life, as colostrum does for babies.


Inside the first drops of the mother’s milk are all the vitamins, fats, and nutrients that a new life needs to survive the first days of life.

What has gold to be like that?

Ok, let’s analyze the reasons.

You can trade gold for money any day of the week, and its value has increased multiple times from some years ago to now.

I am going to give you a tip for selling your gold better than in a buy and sell gold store… 

Do it from a jewelry store, when you try to sell your gold to them, they can afford to give you the exact market price of the gold at that date.

They exchange gold at the market price with the fabrics of gold, they can do you this favor.

More if you know the jeweler. 

So, returning to the value of things…

What happens when a newborn baby comes to live? He or she needs aliment.

What happens when a person buys a gold bracelet? He or she will have ailments.

Sure you understand what I mean, practically it is like having money on your wrist, but not any type of money…

It is an asset, because it is not like a car that its value goes down after the purchase when it’s on the road. 

The gold INCREASES its value when you buy it because it is the money support.

The prime coin in the world is the dollar and the dollar is sustained by Gold.

That is why gold will always be increasing its value.

When you buy a gold bracelet you are making a clever investment, don’t you?

Please let me know what you think about this idea, my email is and I am here for you.

I am a solopreneur with an LLC, and I am eager to know you, know what you feel and what you need. 

Not only I am here as client service, with time you will see that I am eager to be your friend because I am going to be writing for YOU.

You are the Hero for me, you are important, so it is your words and opinions.

While I am writing you can comment if you want and I will be glad, this LLC is for both you and me.

I want to spread the usage of alliances with God, because this is what he expects from me as He told me in meditation, so if you want to be One of the early adopters of this going…

You can get 15% of the benefits of the sale when you register yourself here:

This is my main purpose of life, to make people feel closer to God, your God.

If you want to help me do it I will be glad, you can share this post or use the creatives in the partners area to do it.

Let me ask you a question please…

How would you feel when you know that thank you one person is remembering God with a gold bracelet constantly? 

See you soon, Love.


AbiPraShanti Sri Brahman-Das


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A Gold Bracelet As a Tool for Love?

How could a Gold Bracelet can be a tool that fills our lives with Love, real, pure Love?

Don’t you want to feel more love in your life? 

If so, there is an ancient secret behind the closed doors of the elite class in Egypt and Rome, as in other places where they know something.

They Know about the properties of Gold.

Omkanha bracelet

Gold is a precious metal that is constantly vibrating at 528 HZ, that is… correct! The Frequency of Love.

Thoughts are things, they create substance. We know it through quantum physics.

The brain is a transmitter and receiver of frequencies, and not all that you think is “yours”. So you can be still.

If you want to attract more Love feelings and thoughts, wearing one of these blessed bracelets can be a nice idea.

The end result could be a new you, with a deeper love for life, people, animals and things.

You can activate your true nature, your deepest essence, through a blessed gold bracelet.

As we see in “Messages from Water” by Masaru Hemoto, your thoughts change matter.

You can see more here:

  or here: 

There have been entire lives dedicated to the power of thoughts over matter, it’s tested, and it is Real.



So when you wear an Omkanha Bond To God Blessed Gold Bracelet you are getting new frequencies in your life.

Love ones, yes.

And blessings for your bliss and freedom.

And the most important, a commitment with God himself to remember Him all the time possible, through this “Anchor” or remembering in your wrist.

So you will have several possible outcomes, a blessed life for your complete wholeness, joy and freedom, pure love and enjoying the remembering of God’s presence with a fist, only looking at your Gold bracelet in your wrist.

You attract what you are, what you think about most of the time.

By the way… What do you think you will be attracted to if you feel blessed, with all your prayers given to you, feeling love, bliss, freedom and wholeness?

It is a suggestion, if you buy your bracelet today you can take advantage of the 10% discount you get when you register in the form and get your code by email.

So check your email for the 10% discount, and another thing that could be great.

You are able to bless the lives of all your favorite people, just by sharing this information.

You can do that as Omkanha Partner, going here: and signing up as affiliate or partner with the possibility of earning up to $542.35 dollars in one sale or more with several ones.

You will have creatives to share, your own links, and your affiliate dashboard with your own statistics. 

You will be able to create different links for different campaigns, test, and get the results in your dashboard, and get paid every single month. 

But the most important part, you will be blessing the world through your actions, just by sharing this information.

And this talks about you and your desire to improve your world and the entire universe with our little grain of sand.

So if you want to demonstrate your love for someone special for you these days, or for yourself, consider this offer.

These bracelets are here for you vibrating at a high frequency, with high energy, and all are personally blessed. 

I have dedicated the past 27 years to find God and I can firmly assure that I achieve this Aim in my life, I am in daily contact with Him, and He is always blessing me.

As I want to do with you with the Blessed Gold Bracelets.

And the last thing you must consider is the value of Gold as an investment. historically Gold went up in price dramatically as you can observe in this graph:

So you will be an intelligent investor anyway, securing your future with these Gold Bracelets in your life.

God bless you always, in eternal bliss and peace.


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What is a Scientific Prayer?

infinity bracelet blessed by omkanha

And a blessing in a bracelet?

Today you are going to know how it is possible for a bracelet to carry a blessing for you.

There are several ways to do that. But we are going to see the scientific part of this.

There was a person at principle of 1900 called Pramahansa Yogananda, who taught people to know God through the ancient wisdom of the deepest India.

You know that India is known for its spiritual power and teachings, they have a Scientific way to reach God to be listened to and attended to.

From India come a lot of Saints of the world. 

Pramahansa Yogananda was One of them.

I can explain it also with the latest news in quantum physics. 

Your Thoughts become things, they are like magnets. You are creating well by default or by knowledge of what you want.

How long remains the blessing?

When a thought is thought in the ether it exists forever.

It is a creating force that changes reality and it is registered in the Nature Bible in time.

When you project with faith and gratitude a thought to some object or water, the molecule structure of the thing changes completely to become another type of material, in our case a blessed one.

The blessings are REAL, they emanate from the bracelets to you because they are programmed for eternity to make you happy and free.

No more, no les. Bliss and Freedom. It is all.

So you can change matters, of course you can!

And getting back to India and Pramhansa Yogananda…

There is also a scientific way to be listened to by God.

And I ask Him daily for blessings for you.

I really want to change your life for the better.

I know that when you carry the bracelet you are protected from bad things.

And when you think that a bad thing it’s happening to you, its only the shade of God’s hand that is going to care for you.


You are the most important part in this equation.

You are the hero of this history.

And I want you to carry the talisman that will bond you to God as an alliance with Him.

A personal one.

An alliance for eternity.

A bond that can make you feel as if all your prayers have been granted to you.

I will be sending powerful emails to get you to the point where you want to be.

This is not typical jewelry.

It is a Sacred Jewelry in the spiritual meaning of the word because you are being blessed now. Yes, now.

I think about you daily.

To provide you with the best bracelets in the world, because:

1-They are gorgeous


2-They bond you to God

It is not religion, you don’t need the approval of anyone in the world to be blessed.

And it is really GOOD to know that God is in You daily with the power of a Soul taking care of you.

Like a Guardian.

It could be called Guardian Bracelets also, and they are blessed thinking in improving your life.

God is the unique one that can make miracles, and He does it through us, His Sons and Daughters.

Your Unique Bracelet.

There are several types of bracelets here.

You can find Cubic Zirconia bracelets that Shine like the Sun here.

You can distinguish the Cubic Zirconia from Diamonds as I explain here.

Or you can decide that the Gold Bracelet is the best because it is vibrating at 528HZ, the frequency of Love.

And you can find the Gold section above.

Also the yellow color do so, it is vibrating at 528HZ, you can read it here:

More about God in a Spiritual way and His Blessings in the bracelets

You will be receiving tips to improve your life and to get your aims faster. Try this for a month an let me know what happened: 

Write your dreams in a paper every morning, during the day and at night, and I want to see you in one month from now if you do it diligently. 

You will be amazed with the results. 

This is how God let us know that we are part of Him.

Because we are also creators.

Enjoy life. Be bliss for others, shine.


AbiPraShanti Sri Brahman-Das

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What is a Cubic Zirconia?

cubic zirconia bracelet

And why in bracelets?

You can find cubic zirconia scientific definitions on the internet, here you will find some of the basic characteristics and how to differentiate the cubic zirconia from a diamond.

Let ‘s start! 

The cubic zirconia can be scratched by a diamond but the diamond will not be scratched by the cubic zirconia, because one has a hardness of 8 and the other one a 10.

When you put a written paper down a cubic zirconia you probably can see the ink, it won’t happen with the diamond. When you try to see through the diamond it is opaque and you can’t see the ink.

Another way to differentiate one from another is putting them into a glass of pure water, the diamond will have its brilliance and sparkles but the cubic zirconia will get transparent.

When you have diamonds, assure yourself that you keep them separated one from another because they can scratch one with the other one.

How to produce cubic zirconia?

There are two ways to produce cubic zirconia, one that stabilizes with calcium and another one with yttrium, the first one is cheaper and more common, and the second one is the expensive one that brings more quality and more commonalities with the diamond.

When to wear these bracelets?

The emotional part of the Cubic Zirconias

The sparkling is awesome, and if you are not an expert or an investor you will be glad to have a cubic zirconia bracelet as those in this category:

When you carry one of these bracelets you feel like a princess, and if you give one as a gift to your wife, mother or daughter they will love this shiny items, because the beauty of a thing it is not the price, it is the colors, the shine, the feeling when you give it to them.

And you can carry one of these bracelets for an event or to go work elegantly, to a dinner or a party. 

People will be amazed at how you look because the bright is awesome.

You will be distinguishing yourself apart from the crowd with this bracelets that will make you feel younger and pretty awesome. 

The pieces are so cute that when my wife carries one of her bracelets, I can’t stop looking to her wrist and eyes 🙂

I love these pieces because they make you feel cute and you will be impressing all people around you.

It is a wise decision to buy one of these quantum scientifically blessed bracelets, not only for the high energy they carry, but because you will feel imponent, shiny and cute.

The cubic zirconia bracelet will make you look like the princess you are to the eyes of the people around you.

My favorite one is this one:

If you want to receive more post like this one, discounts, blessings, and reminders from God that is always in our lives, as you, because you are God, as a wave is the ocean, you can subscribe to the blog and news in this form:

If you want to know more about how this bracelets are blessed and why, you can keep reading here

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Quantum Omkanha Bracelet equals bond to God

tennis rhodium bracelet

Quantum Omkanha Bracelet equals bond to God

It is not about bracelets any more, it is about your bond to God.

I am not an expert copywriter, nor a literature student.

I am writing only because I have a Dream.

In Meditation God talked to me and gave me instruction to create an alliance that bonds You with Him.

This is why I didn’t focus on selling high priced items, but beautiful ones that can give joy to you.

My main mission in this life is to get people remembering God all time possible.

That is why I sell Scientifically Blessed Omkanha Quantum Bonds to God Bracelets.

This alliance is eternal.

When you wear a Bond with God Bracelet, that has been blessed Scientifically and without Religion, but only through the direct contact with God, you get an eternal bond.

This will change the Bible of Nature, and the history of our souls, because now I wear God in my Hand too. 

So I will have Him in my heart and in my wrist now too.

Benefits of the Quantum Bond To God Bracelets

The overall benefits are huge, when you think about God, God thinks about you.

So you can expect miracles happening in your life.

If you have the faith of a mustard seed… All is possible for You and God.

Just because you are part of God.

You have the essence of God in You.

You are very important for Him, and He only wants your love.

God’s Love is a perfect love, so expect so many blessings to start flowing in your life.

Just for reading this you are in my prayers always, and I am a normal person, just like you.

The unique characteristic that differentiate myself from others is that I want you to be one of my best friends.

I want to not only give you a great service, but also great bracelets with high frequency energy to improve your life.

And it is scientifically proven that it works, you will have more energy on your side, just by reading these posts.

Because you are a God’s Son or Daughter you have all that you need right now.

Just understand that where you focus your energy it expands.

So if Our Heavenly Father is important for us He will love to know it and be loved all day long.

Chief aim of the bracelets

Our unique aim in this life is to find God and stay with Him for eternity.

If we do not do it during this life we must be reborn again just to do it.

The bracelets remind you of your aim.

You must find your Guide. I love to follow my Sat Guru, Pramahansa Yogananda. 

And I deeply love him, because he is always talking about God, so I am doing the same.

I am dedicating my life to God through this company Omkanha Bond to God Quantum Bracelets.

And I am doing this to expand Love for God, knowing that He will bless through these bracelets the lives of all that wear them. 

And he will do so for eternity in this case because it is my burning desire and he loves me to do it.

While I am reading this I am seeing the first bracelet that was sold in the store.

It is this one:

It is so beautiful that it makes my wife look like a princess, shining the God’s Love with the Lab Diamonds in all the space.

This bracelet has Lab Diamonds that can stay with you for an entire lifetime, sparkling the rainbow colors in the intent to remind you That God Loves You.

It is a gorgeous bracelet. 

It distinguishes her as an elegant woman. 

But don’t take my word for granted, get yours and let me know how it feels.

You will be happy to wear this high energy talisman.

I greet you until my next post.

You can register in the form to receive the posts, new offers, and blessings. 

But do it principally if you want to have another God reminder in your email inbox.

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The Saver and the Sage

Select your bracelet

You are privileged

It is funny what happened today.

You would be given two possibilities.

The first, buy only high priced jewelry, or the chosen one:

Be able to choose whatever feels best for you at better prices.

You have the last one. 

Your catalog has been updated with 182 new bracelets that I consider that will make you feel awesome, with better prices in it.

And I have a story for you that is real.

Some years ago, a person who wanted to save money approached a Sage.

The saver asked him:

  • Sage, I have money but I spend it as fast as I receive it. What should I do to save part of what I earn?
  • Dear friend (Say the Sage) You must know where the energy is when you buy.
  • What do you mean? (comment the saver) 
  • I mean that you must know what energy you are creating when you give money away for merchandise.
  • Are you suggesting that I must know the person who receives the money?
  • At least confirm that the business you are “investing” your energy in is an honorable business my friend. 

That is why, when you invest your energy well earned to shine gorgeous with your Omkanha Bond to God Quantum Bracelet, you make the best decision with your money.

By the way, the risk is on me. I mean you have a 60 days warranty and the shipping is free, if you don’t like your bracelet, I am so sure that it will not happen, that I will refund all your money and the return is free also if so happen. 

The meaning associated with the bracelet is that you can wear your bond with God.

That you can feel like a princess or a king with your bond. 

Sparkling all around.

Feeling bliss and happiness, that will transform this feeling in freedom, you will be wise if you buy your favorite one.

When you invest in yourself and in an Omkanha Bond to God Quantum Bracelet you will be subscribed if you choose so to a newsletter with offers, blessings, and posts that will remember to you that God is in You.

That you are God, like a wave in the ocean is the ocean.

You will be reminded frequently of this idea, this reality. 

PSALM 46-10: “Be still and know that I am God” 

God loves you so perfectly that he really wants to be remembered and loved by you always too.

This is why this business was born. 

You are a privileged human being. You can wear these bracelets.

You are here reading this, you are in the first 5000 people who have read this blog.

The perfect wave is coming.

Are you going to ride it?

It is your energy, choose wisely.

Here is a link to the shop, scroll, choose, and get yours soon.

The inventory is going out of stock fast.

Be the first in your environment and Love with your soul every one of your days.


AbiPraShanti Sri Brahman-Das

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how to clean jewelry

jewelry before and after being cleaned

I did this video on how to clean jewelry for Free just for you 🙂

To have your jewels cleaner add this:

You can use too:

Sodium Bicarbonate and Apple vinegar in the mixture.

To have better results use gloves and a brush.

You will be amazed with the results.

You can find the asses in the Italian restaurant that makes the pizzas in a stone oven.

I did my best, it is a video that I did in my kitchen… don’t expect special effects, lol.

You will learn something practical for you, just it.

I did it for you, so enjoy and grab the info 🙂

God Bless your Soul always to you remember him every day at all times and eternally. Namaskar.

See you soon.

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When to wear a bracelet or a jewel? Like the 14k yellow gold charm bracelet…

heart to heart omkanha love charm bracelet

When to wear for example a 14K Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet?

It could be a 14K yellow gold charm bracelet or any other one.

If it feels good to you, this is the best moment.

If you find  something that makes you happy to wear it,  just do it, and keep wearing it all the time you want.

There are events where you must go a little bit more elegantly,  then you can choose a tennis bracelet,  or a gold one.

You can find both in our store,  and if you prefer I will give you the links here for you to be able to choose which you like most:

Another thing you can try is the set of bracelets, you  also can choose in the link above.

You must know what you want to represent with your look.

For example, if you want to look happy,  you can wear a rainbow bracelet.

If you want to look serious or elegant,   you can choose a gold bracelet.

If you want to represent your own style between casual and elegant you can choose a set of bracelets.


Do you need to know that it’s not a requirement that your bracelet match with your belt or any other piece of your clothing.

For example if you have in your wrist a rose gold bracelet, a collar with 14K  yellow gold,  and stud  earrings, it will look fine anyway.

The most important thing you must take in consideration  is that  attitude when you are wearing the jewels.

When you look confident and the use of colors is correct, you can feel perfectly fine.

If you don’t mind who is judging you, you can skip this post, Or any other things about this theme and buy all the items you want.

But remember not to put an excessive number of pieces at the same time. Just a set, or one or two bracelets from other collections could seem great.

The 14K Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet and the Tennis Charm Bracelets could combine perfectly with other styles, give them a try.

Which one is the perfect jewel for me?

You can combine a charm bracelet with your eyes,  so if you have brown eyes, you can choose an amber bracelet, a 14 yellow gold charm bracelet, or a tennis bracelet.

If your eyes are green with emerald bracelets, or rainbow bracelets.

If your eyes are blue, whit turquoise or rainbow bracelet or maybe also a tennis bracelet.

But really, take only this advice in consideration: Wear what makes you feel good, that makes you happy, this is the most proper way to do it.

Don’t wear all your jewelry at once, and be modest, I mean sometimes less is more, choose your style and for today get a 10% discount extra in this piece with the coupon code 10LOVEFOREVER: 

heart to heart omkanha love charm bracelet

Remember register for more discounts here:

See you soon and God Bless your Soul Eternally my friend 😉

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What makes a Charm bracelet be a talisman?😇🍀🪬 🧿

Charm bracelet with the rainbow

What gives the power to the Charm bracelet?

Is it really a talisman?

 of course yes it is.

 It is so for several reasons.

It could be a charm bracelet because of the intention of the person who is giving it to you, this will probably be the first reason.

Another reason is for sure if it is blessed,  because it carries a high-energy with it that the evoque God  for you to be blessed.

It is probably a Talisman because it has good energy in a message,  or the message is that you have good luck.

And another reason is how you receive the charm bracelet,  so it is how you receive it, for example with an attitude of being blessed and you will be so.

Now I am creating new products for you that carry this type of energy,  so you can be blessed now and forever, because the moment that you wear a bracelet of this type you are blessed for eternity.



As you buy you a ring for your wedding, now you can wear  a bracelet that God bless  to bond to him.

The bracelets in the store will be your alliance with God, the nexus that bonds you in eternal Love, because they are designed to do so, to protect you and get you both together. 

No matter what is happening outside, when you focus your attention on these bracelets of love, with the focus on Love God, everything outside will be resolved, just think of God.

The rule is: When you have an issue or a problem, stop thinking about it and instead think about God when you see the bracelet in your wrist it will be easier for you.

And the bracelets are designed to do so. To bless you and remember God Always


I will be adding a new collection this week, I know you will offer huge discounts for you every Monday. I will call this Monday: Blue Monday.

Every blue day or Blue Monday you will have big discounts, so be aware of your email because probably the charm bracelet that you love will be with a discount on a Blue Monday. 

You can register for the discounts and more blessings here  in this form:

The only thing that God wants from you is your love and your happiness, while you are happy you are making God be fine with you.

These bracelets are for you to have freedom and bliss. 

Maybe you find a bracelet within the beautiful collection that you will have here soon. Maybe when you are reading this you have the new collection inside already.

By the way if you want me to have a discount on a particular bracelet, just let me know and I will be fair.

If I receive your email response to any of my emails I could make a good offer in the charm bracelet you like more.


This is my recommendation, you can find yours now in this collection:

When you give away one of these charm bracelets (all in the store works equally) you are helping another person bond to God or infinite love. 

This is what they are designed for.

You can bless all the people you want or have all the different types you want.

And when someone ask you for the gorgeous bracelet you can tell the story that it is an alliance with God, or you can tell the story without being asked, it is your choice.

You can choose to expand the blessings or keep them for you only, you decide.

And you are the most important part in this equation, that is why I want to give the best customer service possible. 

So you will always have free shipments and free returns.

Choose your bracelet now from the collection you like most, you will be glad you did it.

Don’t wait for next blue monday, now I am offering you a coupon in the news section of the store, the blue bar 🙂 

Thanks for bless your life.

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Blessed through a Bracelet

You can wear blessed bracelets daily here

Scientifically Blessed Quantum Bracelets



From the Creator and Eternal Spirit

You will find the Bliss and Freedom You deserve.

And you can remember this blessing through a bracelet for your wrist.

To remember this bless while you are cooking potatoes or taking a coffee.

Visit our Scientifically Blessed Quantum Bracelets store here.

Choose the one you like most, and carry your blessings always.