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A Gold Bracelet As a Tool for Love?

How could a Gold Bracelet can be a tool that fills our lives with Love, real, pure Love?

Don’t you want to feel more love in your life? 

If so, there is an ancient secret behind the closed doors of the elite class in Egypt and Rome, as in other places where they know something.

They Know about the properties of Gold.

Omkanha bracelet

Gold is a precious metal that is constantly vibrating at 528 HZ, that is… correct! The Frequency of Love.

Thoughts are things, they create substance. We know it through quantum physics.

The brain is a transmitter and receiver of frequencies, and not all that you think is “yours”. So you can be still.

If you want to attract more Love feelings and thoughts, wearing one of these blessed bracelets can be a nice idea.

The end result could be a new you, with a deeper love for life, people, animals and things.

You can activate your true nature, your deepest essence, through a blessed gold bracelet.

As we see in “Messages from Water” by Masaru Hemoto, your thoughts change matter.

You can see more here:

  or here: 

There have been entire lives dedicated to the power of thoughts over matter, it’s tested, and it is Real.



So when you wear an Omkanha Bond To God Blessed Gold Bracelet you are getting new frequencies in your life.

Love ones, yes.

And blessings for your bliss and freedom.

And the most important, a commitment with God himself to remember Him all the time possible, through this “Anchor” or remembering in your wrist.

So you will have several possible outcomes, a blessed life for your complete wholeness, joy and freedom, pure love and enjoying the remembering of God’s presence with a fist, only looking at your Gold bracelet in your wrist.

You attract what you are, what you think about most of the time.

By the way… What do you think you will be attracted to if you feel blessed, with all your prayers given to you, feeling love, bliss, freedom and wholeness?

It is a suggestion, if you buy your bracelet today you can take advantage of the 10% discount you get when you register in the form and get your code by email.

So check your email for the 10% discount, and another thing that could be great.

You are able to bless the lives of all your favorite people, just by sharing this information.

You can do that as Omkanha Partner, going here: and signing up as affiliate or partner with the possibility of earning up to $542.35 dollars in one sale or more with several ones.

You will have creatives to share, your own links, and your affiliate dashboard with your own statistics. 

You will be able to create different links for different campaigns, test, and get the results in your dashboard, and get paid every single month. 

But the most important part, you will be blessing the world through your actions, just by sharing this information.

And this talks about you and your desire to improve your world and the entire universe with our little grain of sand.

So if you want to demonstrate your love for someone special for you these days, or for yourself, consider this offer.

These bracelets are here for you vibrating at a high frequency, with high energy, and all are personally blessed. 

I have dedicated the past 27 years to find God and I can firmly assure that I achieve this Aim in my life, I am in daily contact with Him, and He is always blessing me.

As I want to do with you with the Blessed Gold Bracelets.

And the last thing you must consider is the value of Gold as an investment. historically Gold went up in price dramatically as you can observe in this graph:

So you will be an intelligent investor anyway, securing your future with these Gold Bracelets in your life.

God bless you always, in eternal bliss and peace.


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