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We are Christians but God is Universal

All Charm Gold Bracelets because all are Blessed Talismans

I was born to bless you, please let me do it, if you don’t find some bracelet that amaze you, just register in the form at the bottom of this page to receive blessings.

I am eager to bless you, because I found a scientific way to improve your life. 

I am not a Guru, or a Priest, I am a normal person who had dedicated his whole life to find God, and it is Your God, the Unique Source of Everything. 

Just give me the opportunity and see how your life could be filled with constant bliss and total freedom. I know what I am writing, and it is the deepest truth.

In this website, all the bracelets and bangles are blessed by a Christian Bhakta Yogi, who is in contact with the source daily, and the bracelets are blessed for you to improve your confidence, and get you close to your aims having bliss and freedom doing it.

Christian because I follow Jesuschrist, Bhakta because I am a God devotee (I see myself as a Sanctuary filled with the Love for God) and Yogi because I practice 8 different types of Yoga that bonds me to God. No more, no less, praying everyday for you. 

Peaceful mind, blessed life. Surrender to God. 

I explain the Science behind the Luck of them in this post: Explanation of the blessings in the bracelets

Gold Bracelets Collection

For the most exigent people, here you will find the best and more affordable gold bracelets out there.

All the pieces are vibrating at the frequency of love, 528 HZ, all are blessed also. So you will be able always to remember an wear God’s Love, in a scientific manner. 

As you can read in this post, 14K gold is stronger, so better: link Eager to Bless You 😇❤️🍀post.

You will love to use one of the gold bracelets in this collection because we choose for you bracelets in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, so you will be able to wear your favourite one.

Bangle bracelets for Women

Here you will find bangles adaptables for every wrist. These bangle bracelets are selected to wear in every occasion. 

Here you can find limited edition gold bangles bracelets for women also. 

Take a look at your favourites ones. You will be amazed. Get yours today with the discount in the form below.

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