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When to wear a bracelet or a jewel? Like the 14k yellow gold charm bracelet…

heart to heart omkanha love charm bracelet

When to wear for example a 14K Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet?

It could be a 14K yellow gold charm bracelet or any other one.

If it feels good to you, this is the best moment.

If you find  something that makes you happy to wear it,  just do it, and keep wearing it all the time you want.

There are events where you must go a little bit more elegantly,  then you can choose a tennis bracelet,  or a gold one.

You can find both in our store,  and if you prefer I will give you the links here for you to be able to choose which you like most:

Another thing you can try is the set of bracelets, you  also can choose in the link above.

You must know what you want to represent with your look.

For example, if you want to look happy,  you can wear a rainbow bracelet.

If you want to look serious or elegant,   you can choose a gold bracelet.

If you want to represent your own style between casual and elegant you can choose a set of bracelets.


Do you need to know that it’s not a requirement that your bracelet match with your belt or any other piece of your clothing.

For example if you have in your wrist a rose gold bracelet, a collar with 14K  yellow gold,  and stud  earrings, it will look fine anyway.

The most important thing you must take in consideration  is that  attitude when you are wearing the jewels.

When you look confident and the use of colors is correct, you can feel perfectly fine.

If you don’t mind who is judging you, you can skip this post, Or any other things about this theme and buy all the items you want.

But remember not to put an excessive number of pieces at the same time. Just a set, or one or two bracelets from other collections could seem great.

The 14K Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet and the Tennis Charm Bracelets could combine perfectly with other styles, give them a try.

Which one is the perfect jewel for me?

You can combine a charm bracelet with your eyes,  so if you have brown eyes, you can choose an amber bracelet, a 14 yellow gold charm bracelet, or a tennis bracelet.

If your eyes are green with emerald bracelets, or rainbow bracelets.

If your eyes are blue, whit turquoise or rainbow bracelet or maybe also a tennis bracelet.

But really, take only this advice in consideration: Wear what makes you feel good, that makes you happy, this is the most proper way to do it.

Don’t wear all your jewelry at once, and be modest, I mean sometimes less is more, choose your style and for today get a 10% discount extra in this piece with the coupon code 10LOVEFOREVER: 

heart to heart omkanha love charm bracelet

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See you soon and God Bless your Soul Eternally my friend 😉

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